Translate Diabetes is dedicated to transforming the experience of living with diabetes through creative forms that intersect art, design, and personal experiences.

We feature interviews and work from experts across many fields who use creative approaches in their work connected to diabetes including but not limited to artists, fashion designers, doctors, programmers, writers, musicians, dancers, and scientists.

Translate Diabetes brings inspiring perspectives from within and outside of the diabetes community to help those living with diabetes to be able to go beyond the numbers and talk creatively about their experiences. 



Justus Harris is an internationally exhibiting artist, data visualization innovator, and advocate for those pursuing creative paths. He has had type 1 diabetes for 11 years and was diagnosed at the age of fourteen. He is an alumni of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BA 2013) where he continues an active role as a portfolio evaluator for prospective students on the West Coast.

His Diabetes Data Sculpture project has been featured for the D-Data ExChange &DiabetesMine Innovation Summit at Stanford School of Medicine(2015), Livongo Health, galleries in the SF Bay Area and Chicago, and in articles on MedScape and DiabetesMine. He is developing art & technology workshops and events for those living with T1D such as the recent 3D printing and data visualizations event for the Diabetes Youth Family (DYF) Sweet on Diabetes family camp in Livermore, CA.

At the UCSF Entrepreneurship Center he led a team comprising a neuroscientist, data scientist, medical researcher, and clinician in continuing development of tactile and visual data representation.  He actively participates in research to understand the future of diabetes care and has been part of three artificial pancreas studies.