Translate Diabetes is alive!

Very excited to have DiabetesMine cover the launch of Translate Diabetes!

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-  Justus Harris Founder of Translate Diabetes

Translate Diabetes is dedicated to sharing the value of art and how it can help those with diabetes. I am inspired to provide a resource to discover and share how art can be used in personal health understanding and empowerment.  Translate Diabetes was inspired from my own discovery that my art could help me better understand my diabetes, which I continue to explore through 3D printed Diabetes Data Sculptures.  I believe there are many ways creativity can contribute to greater understanding of people's experiences with diabetes across disciplines.  I'm excited to share some of the inspiration for my own work in this first post and the work of Toni Gentilli, an artist who is also a former archaeologist living with T1D.


Interview with Toni Gentilli


I asked Toni for a few words of advice for a young artist, she said; “Don’t let fear get in your way of being an artist, fear of not knowing enough, and fear of what people will think.” Toni herself refrained from identifying herself as an artist for many years because she thought you needed to be an expert in everything about your craft. Through her work, however, and living with diabetes, she realized risk-taking and experimentation are just as valuable to being an artist as technical mastery.

I would also advise people with diabetes to live without fear when possible. It can be overwhelming until you pick a place to start and in a way that makes sense to you.

Check out the inaugural post with more works by Toni Gentilli  featured on DiabetesMine.

Here is a preview of works in development - check out the Art Works page for existing projects. Look forward to the next post this coming week!